My Owl Addiction and Swap-Bot

I have always been enchanted by owls because they have this very mysterious and charming quality about them. To add to that, I think owls are one of the prettiest animals I’ve ever seen. When I read Harry Potter (another of my addictions), I completely fell in love with Hedwig and wished silently to myself that I had an owl for a pet. Obviously, my parents would never agree, so I settled on just looking at these lovely creatures in pictures. This addiction has escalated ever since I discovered Swap-Bot.

I learned about Swap-Bot from a friend who was already member. And after joining my first swap, lets just say that I was bitten by the swapping bug and I just could not stop. If you’re not familiar, Swap-Bot is an online swapping site where the members swap different handmade or store bought items to each other. There are themed swaps and you can select which one to join. It’s a lot of fun. To learn more about Swap-Bot, you can go to One thing I love about Swap-Bot is that it caters to crafters and handmade items are very much encouraged. I also love snail mail, so that added to the charm.

So for today’s post, I wanted to share some of the owl things I crafted for these swaps. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one in love with owls on SB. Many people love owls and there were so many owl swaps going on at one time. I was lucky enough to join a few of them. I mostly created the things I sent and in turn received many amazing owl things to add to my stash. I received postcards, stickers, rubber stamps, calendars, and other great ephemera. Let’s just say “I’m owl-happy now.”

The first thing I wanted to do was get an owl stencil or template, I saw the Stampin’ Up owl punch and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for me to even consider buying (luckily I received some punched pieces from one of the swaps and I realized, I didn’t really need it). So I had to get creative. I saw owl felties for sale at Walmart. They were 2 dollars for a pack of 10. I bought those and took it apart. I traced each body part on heavy card-stock, and just like that I had an owl template.

I used the template and traced it on different colors of paper, cut them out one by one, and then I mixed and matched colors for each body part. The result – I got these really cute colorful owls.

These owls became the main focus of almost everything I sent. I made owl bookmarks, owl magnets, owl paperclips, and even an owl journal.

I created this journal with black card-stock as the front and back covers. I used a tutorial from YouTube to make the chevron stripes. I used my traced owl as the centerpiece of the journal. For the pages of the journal, I used white computer paper and got eight equal rectangular pieces from it.

Besides these owl shapes, I also sent some handmade owl cards. I received a calendar from one of my owl swaps and I really didn’t need a calendar in July. The calendar had really pretty owl pictures, so I cut them up and used the pictures on the cards I made. I sent my partner 4 cards she could use for different occasions – I sent a friends forever, thank you, you’re awesome and a happy birthday card. I used other craft supplies like edge punches, scrapbook paper and rubber stamps, but the focal point of the cards were the owl pictures.

I haven’t hosted a swap yet and I’m planning on hosting one soon, and yes you guessed it – it will be an owl themed swap. I just love owl’s and I’m thankful that Swap-Bot gave me the opportunity not only to receive great owl pieces for my stash, but also allowed me to get creative with my favorite animal.

S0 if you haven’t joined Swap-Bot, give it a try. You’re missing out on a lot of fun! 🙂

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