I’m Back (I Know I’ve Said This Before)

Hi Everyone!

I’m back! And hopefully this time it’s for good. I know this has been repetitive but a crafting funk and life changes happen and sometimes I just can’t live up to what’s expected of me. I definitely have set a goal this time that I need to continue crafting no matter what. I haven’t made a card in almost a year – sometimes that happens and I just can’t explain why.

Let’s backtrack  – just after my last card post, we had company and it was very busy. Soon after both my parents became sick one after each other. I also had some life changes and career changes. So all these combined just left for me to be overwhelmed and I definitely had no interest in crafting when all I wanted to do in my free time was lay in bed and do nothing.

But a couple of days ago, it hit me. As always, it was one of Jennifer McGuire‘s videos that brought me out of the crafting funk. She did this amazing watercolor background using cling food wrap (genius). After that video, I slowly got back into watching some videos and started to feel that the bug was coming back.

I was looking through my stash and realized that everything I own was mostly “last season”. With the entire year of non-crafting, I didn’t purchase new supplies. I definitely decided that now that I’m starting to get my groove back, I will not purchase anything for a few months except for some basic supplies like card stock, foam tape, tape runner, etc. But no stamps, dies, ink and other related things. I wanted to make sure I was back before I splurged. Stamps are definitely timeless and even if it is a couple of years old, it can still definitely be used.

My first step was to look through challenge blogs. Even before, these blogs always give me a boost of inspiration, I especially love sketch challenges because I can already envision the card. So I found a few challenges and made a card! YESSS! I really hope I can stay for good this time because I forgot how much fun it was to make cards and I also missed you guys!

See you in my next post where I will share a card I made for some challenge blogs.

Thanks for reading






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